Course Catalog

We offer courses to the public from time to time, which are relevant to positive transformation of the enterprise.  If you do not see a course in your area, in a timeframe that would accommodate your needs, please contact us and reach out to request one.

Courses we offer in public or private classes include:

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Leadership Scrum for Executives
Scrum Master Training (1 or 2 days)

Open Space Agility
Open Space Technology Facilitation Workshop

Here is what our students had to say about their learning experiences:

“Fantastic course! I love that [my employer] is investing into more education for Agile.  I hope that this will soon be reflected in support of standing up teams. 🙂
You [Jon] are a fantastic resource and gave me a ton of new ideas – not just about agile but about successful leadership & team building.  Thank you!”

“Training was informative.”

“Jon is great!  A wonderful instructor full of passion & expertise.”

“Great job of engagement across 2 days.  Tons of information, presented in a manner that I understood and enjoyed fully.  Thank you!”

“Jon kept us participating, scaled the amount of time per section based on reading the class and understanding which parts we needed more time on and which parts we already had a good grasp of.”

​”I think he [Jon] does a good job given the material…He typically pulls in external examples and resources to help flesh out and emphasize the important parts.”

​”The slide deck was definitely pretty fresh,…but Jon handled working through all the topics expertly.”

“Lots of info in 2 days. -Good pace & good discussion.  Jon had a lot of outside content & examples to apply to the material which made it much more interesting.”

“It is a lot of material to pack into 2 days, but Jon did a good job.  Psychology lessons and real world examples were fantastic.”

“Jon did a great job facilitating Scrum For Teams.  He shared his expertise giving real examples. The class was interactive to solidify knowledge transfer.”

“Excellent class.  Really enjoyed and learned from your real life examples. “

“Thanks for going through all of the questions during the course.  All of the extra information on why agile works as opposed to what it is, made me a lot more at ease about switching to it.”

“Jon is a fantastic trainer of the Scrum process.  Very informative of the subject matter.  Class was very very good.  My attention was held through the entire 2 day class.”

“I felt there was a good balance of content and activity.  I felt the timed activities were a great way of keeping on track.  Also appreciated the freedom to go where the questions took us without losing the overall arc and meeting the need of the class.”

“The class was organized very well.  There were a few moments where it seemed to squirrel, but all the information was valuable.  I would be interested in additional courses on Scrum & other agile projects.”

“Really enjoyed the real life examples & things learned from experience.  It’s a lot of info to digest in 2 days.  Have lots of questions and peaked my interest to know.  Only thing I would suggest is more time!”

“Jon is very knowledgeable on scrum and I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I feel confident in my understanding of Scrum, having taken this class.  Thank you.”

“The class was engaging and informative.  I enjoyed the opportunity to listen and participate in the discussion we had!”

“I signed up for this class since I joined an agile team that has been active for three months.  I had no clue about the scrum process (i.e. writing story cards), this was a great course to inform me on the process & be able to contribute & follow the team a lot better  next week. -Thank you!”

“Really interesting class, and very informative/useful.  Would be a good class/training to take for anyone curious about or doing Agile.”

“Instructor [Jon] allowed sufficient digression from topic presented to let group discuss their individual life/work experiences pertinent to the course material. The time allocated did not cause any compression of time or diminishing of the information presented.  Thought there was complete discussion of the material with real world experience also provided by the instructor.”

“Jon, thank you for the great session last week.  Made learning about Agile fun and informative.”

“Jon, thank you for the amazing session last week.  -It was very informative and you kept us all so engaged. Thanks!”

“Jon, thanks for having our team for Scrum For Teams!  Very valuable!”

“Jon, I can’t thank you enough for the info share last week during Scrum For Teams training.  Your class was not only informative but also engaging!”

“Jon, thanks for the informative session.  Really learned a lot!”

“Jon, thank you so much for the info you provided last week during Scrum For Teams. I will be able to utilize in my projects going forward.”