Back To Square 1.0

Looking at the topic of Addicted Behavior, in the working world, and specifically in regards to organizations hoping to be Agile, I read an Article by Daniel Mezick. It’s funny (the tone and puns) and it smarts a lot more when I look at the date he published it, and Jeff Sutherland’s very positive reaction to it. I look inward and ask myself a ‘Why?’ question: Why am I only now getting into this, so many years into my life, so many years into agile, so many years into Core Protocols, organizational transformation, improv, coaching, facilitation, experiential learning, Open Space Technology, Prime/OS and OSA…I’m coming to a realization.  -I didn’t want to see. I didn’t want to know what I was doing, that was giving me what I have, and who…
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Stepping Out of Inner Space: Stepping Into The Future

A friend in the Open Space Agility community recently asked me: Hey all! So, I am having my second interview for an “agile catalyst” position at a bank in Pittsburgh – meeting with the Agile transformation team tomorrow afternoon. My plan, at some point, is to propose an OSA approach. Any tips? Brief info: the bank is at the early stages and is reportedly still in a very “fluid” state and open to ideas about training and approach, though some conversation has suggested that may not be the full story. Leadership is reportedly fully supportive. I don’t know how everyone else feels yet. Thanks So, I responded: How about having an “Inner Space Event?” -See if the executive leadership team is willing to gather together in Open Space to freely…
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Open Inner Space: The Want-A-Thon

The future of Open Space is not in Outer Space (aka. larger and larger self-organizing events), but in Inner Space. In an organizational transformation, an authorizing event where the corporate powers that be reach a consensus about leveraging the power of open space in general, and Open Space Agility in particular, is best served by holding a very small Open Space, or what I’m calling Inner Space, because it is represented by officially authorized players of “the inner sanctum” of the organization. Working well with the Willing in Inner Space is the ultimate destiny of any truly empowered Product Owner.  Why?  Let me explain: In order for a Product Owner to create a Product Vision, Roadmap, Go Canvas, User Story Map, Release Plan and Product Backlog (Phew!), there must be…
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