The Best Books In Life Are Free

Before Agile was actually named ‘Agile’ or described in any kind of coherent document, there were people doing research into social technology who wanted to uncover predictable ways to lower the drama that makes life less than great for everyone, at work, in school, or at home.   -Anywhere that interaction is bound to happen or be sabotaged by misunderstanding.

The people I’m talking about are Jim and Michele McCarthy, and they compiled the very best learning into a book called “Software For Your Head.” (Pay full-freight here if you want a paper copy.)
And as if that wasn’t enough, they made their book free to the world because social technology wants to be free.

If you want to have a Great life, and accomplish Great things, then this is the first and best book you should read.
Download it for free, or read it online here:

You’ll want to do that now, rather than later, because you don’t know how long this will be available here or anywhere.
I know the McCarthys, and they are truly Great people.  There is no ulterior motive here.
They want to make the world a better place.
And guess what?  They already have.

You’re welcome friend.
I hope you get what you want.

Jon Jorgensen

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