Back To Square 1.0

Looking at the topic of Addicted Behavior, in the working world, and specifically in regards to organizations hoping to be Agile, I read an Article by Daniel Mezick.
It’s funny (the tone and puns) and it smarts a lot more when I look at the date he published it, and Jeff Sutherland’s very positive reaction to it.

I look inward and ask myself a ‘Why?’ question: Why am I only now getting into this, so many years into my life, so many years into agile, so many years into Core Protocols, organizational transformation, improv, coaching, facilitation, experiential learning, Open Space Technology, Prime/OS and OSA…I’m coming to a realization.  -I didn’t want to see.

I didn’t want to know what I was doing, that was giving me what I have, and who I have been being.  The way I’ve been being with people, is a function of what’s been missing, and what I’ve been avoiding.  Acceptance of self, and acceptance of ending, is what I’ve been avoiding, and the way it affects people is that I’m not inviting them, and I’m not engaging them, and there’s a lot less of “us” in the world as a result.

So, going Back to Square 1:

1. Accept self & ending (early and often via. grief-work, including celebration)
2. Invite everyone to interact in games, collaborate, express, co-author, experiment, learn, etc.
3. Work with the willing (those who respond to invites with passion & responsibility)
4. Tell the Data-Story to everyone, which inspires, excites, unsettles and moves them to action.
5. Return to Square 1 above.

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So, that’s it, basically: accept, invite, work, tell, return.  Right under my nose, the pattern that works, and renews itself time and again.

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