We offer Agile training and coaching for better facilitation in businesses, actively creating the change from where you are and to where you want to be.

What we do and how we do it.

What does it take to move the needle?  It’s a question that every executive is asking and thinking about every day.

Improving the performance of an organization toward whatever is important to you at a given time  — That is where our focus and expertise lies.
We are committed to making a difference: a big, measurable difference.
We “move the needle” for our clients. But we’re not satisfied with a mere flutter, easily attributable to background noise.
At Needlehop, we transform the state of the client, in service to making the needle hop, and stick to the level our alliance with the client is committed to in the first place.

We help enterprises of all sizes transform themselves by inviting the people who do the work to self-organize. We assist in finding their own way towards creating a greater flow of value than everyone had ever imagined they could. Yes, in practice, it is actually that amazing!  Find Course